About Us

Gasil Kalai Sharq Company provides commercial services including clearance of goods, export of goods and import of goods and international transportation and air cargo transportation, land transportation, sea cargo transportation, ship charter, purchase from China, purchase from Europe, container transportation And so on… that the main purpose of sending goods from the East (business services) is to expand trade and progress more and more in the field of economy and trade.
Centralized and specialized management, professional, expert and experienced forces, strong communication, information capability using the latest commercial laws and regulations and customs laws have enabled Parsian Trading Group to carry out any business operations (imports of goods and to cover goods export, goods clearance and business consulting, etc.)

Ghasil Kalai Sharq is one of the few companies that has a license to import trucks, and for this reason, one of the main services of Ghasil Kalai Sharq is the import and clearance of all types of heavy and heavy vehicles. Due to the high average age of trucks, which is 17.8 years, the benefits of renewing this fleet are not hidden to anyone.

Gasil Kalai Sharq Trading Group is an international group for providing commercial services, which operates in the field of providing various services in the field of export and import of all kinds of goods to its customers. These services include international marketing, foreign contracts in accordance with the principles of international law, order registration in the Ministry of Commerce, opening of credit (LC), international transportation, clearance of goods from all Iranian customs and delivery of goods to the desired customers. be Ghasil Kalai Sharq Company has a highly experienced and experienced staff in all the necessary specializations in commercial services, export and import of all types of permitted commercial goods.

Benefits of cooperation with Ghasil Kalai Shargh Company

Benefiting from multiple offices abroad

Facilitating international trade during sanctions

Using the infrastructure of internal offices in all parts of the country

Obtaining valid international certificates in the field of education, management, business and finance

Ability to provide all business-related services

Membership of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture